My Character Based On : Extroversion, Emotionality, Thoroughness, Openness, And Agreeableness

13 02 2009

Your Comparison to the Average


Evan’s Blog - Extroversion

You are somewhat less outgoing than the average male and female are. Most people like to keep themselves busy with continuous interactions, conversations, and the company of others. You also enjoy these things, but having some time on your own is equally important to you. This is one of the guiding parts of your personality. The average male and the average female differ slightly in their extroversion level. The average female tends to be more extroverted than the average male is. 


Evan’s Blog - Emotionality

You are similar to the average male in your level of emotionality – sensitive to your feelings and moods, but not oversensitive. The average male and female are similar in their level of emotionality. Women, however, tend to talk about their feelings and emotions more than men do. Starting in early childhood, girls are encouraged to express their feelings more than boys are.


Evan’s Blog - Thoroughness

You are more organized and focused than most males and females are. This part of your personality will stand out when you interact with other people. This is a guiding part of your personality. The average male is slightly less focused than the average female is, but with the positive side that he tends to be more flexible than the average female. One the whole, both the average male and the average female are fairly organized and reliable.


Evan’s Blog - Openness

You are similar to most males in your preference for change, but not too much change. Like you, most males don’t mind variety and newness, but they prefer that life still remains predictable. The average female and male are similar in their openness need. They appreciate some change every once in a while, but for the most part prefer routines.


Evan’s Blog - Agreeableness

You care more about the feelings and opinions of other people than most males do. Most males keep some space between themselves and the problems of other people. You try to as well, but often have a harder time doing it. Your empathy and concern for other people are guiding parts of your personality. Males and females differ slightly in their levels of agreeableness. The average female is more agreeable than the average male is.

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4 responses

13 02 2009

*cuma liat diagram nya aja*
bahasa linggisanku rada amburadul

14 02 2009

@ Yeni
Yupz… Seperti itu non… he3x…

14 03 2009

aku pengen duwe blog…

15 03 2009

@ Mas Fatih
wah, blogQ biasa2 wae kok mas… just simple blog, yg penting isinya hrs bs memberi manfaat buat orang lain…
Yupz, semangat mas… Qt sama2 belajar blogging bareng… 😀

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