Buku TA – Classification of Molar & Premolar Teeth in Dental Panoramic Radiograph : Abstract

12 02 2010


Student’s Name : Evan Yofiyanto

NRP : 5106100049

Major of Department : Informatics FTIf ITS

Supervisor : Dr. Agus Zainal Arifin, S. Kom, M. Kom.

Co-Supervisor : Bilqis Amaliah, S. Kom, M. Kom.


Classification of molar and premolar teeth on dental panoramic radiograph has goal to use the result of this system in an automated dental identification system for human identification system using dental panoramic radiograph. The system is developed as the traditional dental identification system for forensic need might not be reliable because of the advancements in dentistry and care of teeth.

The system has four main steps: radiograph segmentation is used to segment the teeth form the background. Teeth separation is used to separating each tooth from other teeth on its surroundings in order to prepare for feature extraction. Feature extraction with measurement-based methode for each tooth is used to get area and ratio feature. Then, tooth classification into molar and premolar class is implemented by using K-Nearest Neighbor methode. The output of the system is dental panoramic radiograph that assigned M for molar and P for premolar. Experiments with 10 images containing 81 teeth show good enough system accuracy with value 74,4% on k = 9.

Keywords : teeth classification, dental panoramic radiograph, measurement-based,  forensic odontology, K-Nearest Neighbor.

Posted By : Evan Yofiyanto @ Evan’s Blog : Kuliah Informatika (kuliahinformatika.wordpress.com)





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